Lesson Plans Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Hammerfist Forward
Hammerfist Downward
Hammerfist to the Side
Drill: Striker eyes closed, pad holder bumps striker from the front or from the side, striker; make the appropriate hammerfist and follow with counter attacks until pad holder calls time.
Wrist Releases
Choke from the side
Drill: Defender; eyes closed, attacker; either bumps defender and holds for Hammerfists or makes a choke from the side  

Back Kick
Drill: Groups of 3, Large shield, Focus Mitts- working basic combinations, Pad holder with the large shield gives a verbal signal and walks towards striker from behind, striker; executes a back kick and continues working the mitts
Choke Behind with a pull
Bearhug Behind (lifting)
Ground- Fallbreak Back
Drill: Groups of 3, Large Kicking shield; Defender; eyes closed, pad holder; (safely) shoves defender with the pad, defender makes a Back Fallbreak, quickly gets up and follows up with strikes, attacker; makes either Choke from behind with a pull or Bearhug behind (lifting)

3 Round Drill
Jump Spinning Heel Kick
Combo- Spinning Heel Kick/Jump Spinning Heel Kick
Long Gun from the Front- Live Side
Long Gun from the Front- Dead Side
**Introduce wrapping defense for the above techniques, if the instructor knows it**
Drill: Groups of 4-5, 2 minutes, 1 defender; non-stop attacks, any level 1,2,3 techniques, include Long Gun (both Live and Dead Side)

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