Lesson Plans Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Retreating Punches
Elbows 4-7
Groups 3: 2 Padholder, 1 Striker. Striker performs Retreating Punches based on Padholder 1’s advance. Padholder 2 cues with pad tap behind. Striker sends Elbow 4, turns, clinches and knees until padholder cues to reset

Rear Headlock
FINAL DRILL: Same as above, but Padholder 2 can cue for elbow into knees or attack with Rear Headlock

Ground – Kicking Off from Guard
Ground – Arm Bar from Guard
Ground – Guard Reversal
Ground – Trap, Buck & Roll (if time)

Groups of 2, A/B. One begins in mount. On GO!, person on top applies pressure attempting to stay in mount. Person on bottom reverses with trap, buck and roll. Once in guard, begins applying pressure. Person on bottom attempts to kick off, arm bar, guard reversal.

Knife – Upward Stab (Review)
Knife – Attacker Holding Defender with Left Hand
Bayonet Stab – Dead Side
Bayonet Stab – Dead Side (Clothesline)

Groups of 2, attacker, defender. Defender, eyes closed. Attacker can apply any of the above attacks.

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