Lesson Plans Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Elbows 4-7
Recognition Drill: 1 tombstone pad holder, 1 striker. Striker starts in passive stance with eyes closed, pad holder prompts striker by bumping them with the pad. Striker delivers appropriate elbow (4-7) and then follows up with control position & combatives
Choke from the Front with a Push
Choke from Behind with a Push
Drill: Same as above. Now attacker may opt for pushing chokes from either direction.

Inside Slap Kick
Outside Slap Kick
Focus Mitt Drill: Free work combinations, pad holder intermittently calls for slap kicks.
Review: Inside Defenses
Inside Defense vs. Left/Right (2 defenses, lean back & trap, and 1-handed variations)
Drill: 1 attacker, 1 defender. Attacker starts outside punching range, Defender starts in fighting stance with eyes shut. Attacker verbally gets defender’s attention and waits for defender’s eyes to open. Once defender opens their eyes, attacker may burst in with either a single straight punch or a left/right combination. Defender uses appropriate inside defenses.

2 Front Kicks with a Switch
2 Straight Knees with a Switch
Review: Gun from Behind, touching
Long Gun from Behind, touching (both sides)
Roaming Attacker Drill: 1-3 roaming attackers with handguns & long-guns available. Rest of class works in pairs, bare-handed focus mitt combinations. Roaming attackers approach strikers only and put a gun in their back. Strikers defend, follow up with combatives, and return to striking once they assess that the attacker is neutralized.

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