Lesson Plans Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Straight Punches

Front Kick (groin)

Drill: groups of three; one pad holder holds for straight punches, the other for front kicks; the defender starts with punches; when the other pad holder hits him, he must turn and give front kicks; go back and forth until instructor calls time.

Knees – do knees with and without grabbing the attacker

Combo: Front Kick/Knee

Choke from Behind with a Push

Drill: eyes closed; attacker pushes with pad and holds for punches OR pushes with pad and holds for groin kicks OR makes Choke from Behind with a Push.



Focus Mitts: Left/Right/slip right/Right/sprawl

Focus Mitts:Left/Right/Left Hook/step and pivot/Right Straight Punch

Outside Slap Kick

Combo: Left Outside Slap Kick/Right Straight Punch (just for fun!)

Headlock from Behind (review) – work both sides!

Reverse Headlock Standing

Drill: two attackers; defender defends Reverse Headlock; while making counters, the second attacker makes Headlock from Behind with either arm



Gun from Behind (touching) – practice turning to either side

Drill: when the defender makes the defense, the attacker should pull back with the gun

Drill: when the defender defenders, the attacker should put his left hand up to try to block the defender’s forward progress; this makes the defense a little awkward!

Knife Threat from Behind

Drills: do the same drills as above!

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