Lesson Plans Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Beginner (B1)

Fighting Stance

Hammerfist Forward

Hammerfist Downward

Drill: 2 people; 1 tombstone pad holder & 1 striker. Striker stands in passive stance with eyes closed. Pad holder jolts striker and either holds tombstone for hammerfists forward or for a groin kick. Striker opens eyes, recognizes threat and delivers a broken flurry of hammerfists forward or a groin kick followed by a broken flurry of hammerfists downward (3-5 punches). After the threat is neutralized, striker returns to passive stance with eyes closed and the drill repeats.

Choke from Behind with a push

Drill: Group of 3; 1 attacker, 1 defender, & 1 tombstone pad holder. Defender stands in the middle of the mat in passive stance. Attacker chokes from behind with a push. Once defender reaches control position and is delivering combatives, pad holder immediately jolts the defender with the pad calling for either hammerfists forward or a groin kick followed by hammerfists downward (as in the drill above).


Intermediate (B1)

Side Kick (with and without advance)

Back Kick

Drill: 1 striker, 3 kick-shield holders, 1 focus mitt holder. Kicker stands in the middle, surrounded by pad holders. Focus mitts at 12 o’clock and kick shields at 3, 6, & 9 o’clock. Once instructor starts the round, focus mitt holder calls for basic combinations 1-4 adding in looping attacks to force striker to either bob & weave or hard cover. Kick shield holders verbally try to get striker’s attention, at which point striker will deliver a back or side kick followed by 3-5 combatives before returning to the focus mitts. If striker does not respond to verbal provocation by kick shield holders, they may jolt the striker with their pad (Note: pad holders must quickly get back to an effective range for kicks if they do this).

Ground – headlock from the side (weight forward & weight backward)

Drill: 1 attacker & 1 defender. Starting from headlock from the side position, defender’s job is to get out as quickly as possible. Attacker may shift their weight forward & backwards changing the required defense on the fly. Note: attackers should make it difficult NOT impossible for defenders to have success.


Advanced (B1)

Review fall breaks

Full Nelson – throw

Full Nelson – sweep

Drill: Group of 3; 1 focus mitt holder, 1 striker, & 1 attacker. Striker and Focus Mitt holder free work. Attacker randomly catches striker in a full nelson. Striker defends, finishes with combatives and gets back to free work on the focus mitts. Safety Note: when the attacker catches the striker in a full nelson, the focus mitt holder needs to get away from them quickly so there’s no risk of collision.

Long Gun from the front – live side

Drill: A/B drill. All students who are A’s start in passive stance with eyes closed. All students who are B’s randomly attack A’s with long gun from the front. Reset & repeat for the length of the round, then switch.

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