Lesson Plans Thursday, September 6, 2018


Wrist Releases – make wrist releases part of the warm up

Straight Punches

Elbows 1-3

Drill: pad holder pushes from behind; defender gives Elbow #3 (on either side) then turns and makes Straight Punches; if desired, included Knees.

Choke from Behind



Focus Mitts: Combinations 6-9

Bearhug from Behind, Arms Free

Bearhug from Behind, Lifting

Drill: either bear hug, try to stop the Liftinging by basing out



Focus Mitts: Combos 1-4

Focus Mitts: Practice Cross from opposite stance; then practice starting in regular stance, making a quick switch, and throwing a Cross from the opposite stance. The switch creates a new angle, or simulates feet switching because of uneven ground, obstacles, etc.

Focus Mitts: Left/Right combination/switch feet/Cross from Opposite Stance

Knife – Kick v. Knife

Knife – Downward Stab

Drill: eyes closed, on command, open eyes, recognize distance, and Kick or make Downward Stab defense


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