Lesson Plans Friday, September 4, 2015

Beginner Class (A3)


Movement- Fighting Stance Moving Forward, Left, Right, Back

Palm Heel Strikes

Front Kick Groin

A/B Drill

L/R Combination


Tabatta Strikes- 20 seconds work/10 seconds rest- 4 Rounds

Choke from behind

Drill: groups of 4-5; defender is in the middle, make the appropriate strike when bummed by the or defend Choke from Behind

Intermediate Class (C3)

Thai Pad Combos 1-4, 2 Rounds of 2 minutes

Outside Defense v. Right Punch

Defense v. Front Kick (redirect)

Drill: Eyes closed, make the appropriate defense

Hair Grab Front

Hair Grab Side, impending Knee

Drill: Groups of 3; Work combinations of Thai pads, attacker, attacks with either Hair Grab, defender; makes the appropriate defense and continues working combinations.

Advanced Class (C3)

Focus Mitts- Opposite stance- 2 rounds of 3 minutes

Thai Pads- Opposite Stance- 3 rounds of 3 minutes

Gun from the Side, in Front of the Arm

Headlock from the Side, spinning inward

Drill: either attack slow speed

Drill: either attack full speed

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