Lesson Plans Thursday, September 27, 2012

Front Kick – practice from passive stance, followed by straight punches
Round Kick
Round Kick – focus on various angles: downward, horizontal, upward
Drill: Horseshoe Drill  Horseshoe Kicking Drill

Wrist Releases – discuss aggressive v. soft responses based on situation and stimulus

Arm Pull — burst forward with counterattacks
Drill: Aggressive or Soft — the defender has eyes closed; the attacker grabs the wrist, sometimes pulling aggressively; the defender react according to the aggressiveness of the grab with either a wrist release OR bursting forward with counterattacks.

Focus Mitts — Left/Left/Right
Focus Mitts — Left/Right/Right
Round kick (review)
Round Kick – variation, striking with the ball of the foot
Choke from Behind with a Pull

Focus Mitts — Right/slip left punch/Right
Focus Mitts — Right/Left Hook/duck under right hook/Left Hook
Hip Throw
Basic Self Defense Review — include Hip Throw into counterattacks
Long Gun Behind, Touching

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