Lesson Plans Thursday, October 4, 2018


Palm Heel Strikes

Groin Kick

Hammerfist Downward (discuss position — they should not get so close that they are open to being taken down/legs grabbed)

Combo: using Palm/Heel Strikes, Left/Right/Right Groin Kick (recoil)/Right Hammer Fist Down

Choke Front (1 Hand)



Hook Punch

Combos 6 & 7

Combo 6 variation: Right/Left Hook/Right Hook

Defense v. Hook Punch – Extended

Defense v. Hook Punch – Covering

Light sparring using straight punches and hooks



Thai Pads: 2 rounds of 3 minutes

Stick Overhead

Stick Baseball Bat Swing

Drill: put 1 stick per pair in the middle of the room; position the partners on either side of the room, lying on their stomachs. Yell “Go!” Both must try to get the stick. Once one person has the stick, he attacks with baseball bat or overhead swing. The other person must defend. Repeat several times, and change partners.

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