Lesson Plans Thursday, November 13, 2014

Beginner (B2)
Left/Right Combination
Front Kick Groin
Drill: Groups of 2, one small shield, the pad is placed in the center of the room between the two partners, partners are on opposite sides of the room doing push ups facing way from the pad. On instructors signal “GO”, they get up quickly and run to grab a pad. The partner who grabs a pad first is holding, the other striking. Pad holders can either hold for front Kicks or punches. Strikers; fast and aggressive strikes until instructor calls “TIME”. Repeat
Head Lock From Behind
Ground- Getting up
Drill: Groups of 3, one small shield, Defender starts on their back, gets up and makes non stop straight punches on the pad, attacker; at any given time makes a headlock. Reset after a successful defense.

Intermediate (D2)
Warm up with, Punches-straight and Elbows
Drill: “Power & Speed”- Striker works the pad with light combinations of punches and elbows; on instructor signal “Fast”, striker; makes fast, non-stop strikes on the pad, on instructors signal “Power”, striker; attacks the pad with POWER shots. When the instructor calls time, the strikers go back to working the pad with light combinations.
Defense v. Hook Covering
Inside Defense v. Left/Right Counter
Defense v. High Round Kick (2 and 3 points)
Drill: Defender; eyes closed, attacker; gives a verbal signal and makes either of the above strike defenses.
Advanced- Gun to the side of the head
Drill: Groups of 3, small shield, defender; non stop strikes, attacker; any level 1 technique and Gun to the side of the Head

Advanced (D2)
Ground and Pound- 3 rounds of 45 seconds.
Elbow to Knee Escape- Quick Review
Guard Reversal- Quick Review
Flow Drill: Elbow to Knee escape to Guard Reversal
Ground-Defense v. Full Mount, Hands Pinned
Ground- Defense v. Full Mount, Wrists Together

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