Lesson Plans Thursday, May 3, 2012

Straight Punches (light work)
Ground – Side Position
Ground – Side Kick
Ground – Get Up
Drill: fast moving drill; students start down; on command, they kick and get up fast, then shadowbox; on command, they drop down again (no fall breaks), ready for the next round; multiple rounds, fast pace, make them tired!
Palm Heel Strike
Choke Front (1 handed)

Focus Mitt Work – 5 rounds, 1 minute, non-stop combinations
Inside Defense v. Left/Right Combo
Inside Defense v. Left/Right Combo (Lean back and trap)
Inside Defense v. Left/Right Combo (1 hand defense)
Sparring Games: slow, open hands, one person uses only one hand (as though injured)

Knife Off Angle Upward Stab
Knife Off Angle Downward Stab
Drill: strike pads, knife attacker comes from either side (right handed attack only)

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