Lesson Plans Thursday, May 29, 2014

Elbows 1-3
Round Kicks- Emphasize Switch Round Kick
Drill: Introduce Thai Pads 3-2 Minute Rounds; Straight Punches, Kicks, Knees, Elbows. During the last round, instructor calls “Sprawls”.
360 Defense
Advanced- Knife Downward stab
Drill 1: groups of 2; defender eyes closed, defend against 360 or knife-downward stab.
Drill 2: groups of 3, Thai pads- defender; non stop combos on thai pads, attacker; makes an aggressive knife or 360 attack, defender; makes the appropriate defense and continues working the pads.
3 Round Drill
Thai Pads: 3-2 minute rounds- kicks, knees, elbows, sprawls, high round kicks.
Defense v. Hook (Covering)
Defense v. High Round Kick (2 and 3 points)
Defense v. High Round Kick (Covering)
Drill: Thai pad combos, pad holder randomly throws a high round kick or a hook, defender; makes the appropriate defense and continues working the pads.
Reverse Headlock from standing
Drill: LIGHT Sparring- one attacker, one defender; Shin guards on, open hands- working on recognition; defense v. Hook (covering), Defense v. High Rounds kicks, during sparring round attacker simulates a groin kick, defender bends over as though kicked to the groin, attacker makes Reverse Headlock Standing, defender; defends and continues with counters, the defender is now the attacker. Repeat!
Advanced testing preview!!
Focus mitts- 3-2 min rounds- 30 sec rest. opposite stance
Thai Pads- 3-2 min rounds- 1 min rest- 200 meter run, during rest- opposite stance
Gun from behind (touching)
Gun from the side, in front of the arm
Advanced Gun- from side or behind, assailant using off hand
Drill: Monkey in the middle- Any level 1,2 & 3 technique, include Gun form behind, side (in front of arm), and Advanced Gun.

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