Lesson Plans Thursday, May 23, 2013

Beginner (B2)
Introduce Sprawls
Straight Punches
Front Kicks- Groin
Drill: Pad holder calls out a number of punches or kicks for the striker to do; Instructor yells ” 2 Sprawl” or “4 Sprawls” during drill.
Elbow Strike 1-3- on pads
Choke from Behind
Ground- Getting Up
Drill: 3ppl- Pad Holder; hold for Front Kicks to the Groin, Defender; start from the ground, get up and attack the pad, Attacker; attack choke from behind

Intermediate (B2)
Drill: Upside Down Pyramid!
Fast, Strong and Super Aggressive!
60 sec- Non- Punches, Elbows & Headbutts
20 sec Rest
45 Sec- Non- Stop POWER Round kicks (both legs)
20 sec Rest
30 Sec- Non-Stop knee Strikes
10 Sec Rest
30 Sec- Non- Stop Front Kicks- Groin (both legs)
10 Sec Rest
45 Sec- Non- Stop Knee strikes
20 Sec Rest
60 Sec-Non- Punches, Elbows & Headbutts
360 with Counters
Reflexive Defense Against a Front Kick
Defense v. High Front Kick (Redirect)
Drill: Eyes Closed; Attacker gives a verbal cue, attack with either 360 Defense, Front kick-Groin or Front Kick High. Defender; Make the appropriate defense
Choke from behind with a pull
Ground- trap and roll
Ground- Defense v. choke full mount

Advanced (B2)
Focus Mitts: 2- 5 minute rounds
Basic combinations, elbows, knees, Kicks & Sprawls
Light Sparring Drill: 2 Min Rounds
Round 1) 1 person defends/1 person Attacks
Punches & Kicks- Moving/Blocking- no counters
Round 2) Light Sparring- Kicks & Punches- Move/Defend and counter
Advanced testing Sparring Drill Sneak Peak!!
Tabata Sparring:
20 sec. non- stop, fast and aggressive (safe) fighting
10 sec. Rest
1 person stays in for 4- 20 sec rounds, then Switch.
Long Gun from the Front-Live side
Long Gun from the Front- Dead side
(Disarming both over & under Guman’s arm)
Take Down # 3- Toe-Pick

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