Lesson Plans Thursday, May 21, 2015

Beginner (B2)

Punches Straight

Hammerfist to the Side


Drill: Defender eyes closed, when bummed from front- defender delivers 4 punches straight, followed by 4 knees, when bumped form the side, defender delivers a hammerfist to the side, turns to face the pad, 4 punches straight, followed by 4 knees.

360 Defense

Choke from Behind

Advanced- downward stab

Drill: Groups of 3- defender; non-stop punches on pad, attacker; Choke from Behind or downward stab.

Intermediate (B2)

Knees (Quick Review)

Drill: groups of 2; on Instructors signal “GO”, striker delivers non stop knee strikes, when Instructor says “Stop”, striker stops striking and stays engaged with pad and moves around.  If the striker disengages, everyone does  5 burpees.

Basic Takedown Defense/Spinning on the centerline

Drill: Groups of 2, Large pad; pad holder changes levels to simulate a takedown or drives towards striker, striker; Basic takedown defense/spin on the center line and deliver 2 knees.

Defense v. High Round Kick (reflex)

Defense v. High Round Kick (2 & 3)

Reverse Headlock Standing

Rotating Drill: Groups of 2, small shield; defender; non-stop strikes on pad, pad holder simulates a Front to the groin, as the defender bends over to react to the kick, attacker drops pad and makes Reverse Headlock attack, defender defends and grabs the pad to and hold for strikes – pad holder and defender now switch roles.  Repeat!

Advanced (B2) 

Thai Pads- Opposite stance- 2-5 Minute Rounds; add a Round Kick/Knee strike after every combination called by the pad holder- 5 Jumping Knee Tuck during rest.

Chops (inside and outside)

Focus Mitts- Combination 1: Outward Chop(left hand) /Right Cross/Right Elbow

Combination 2: Inward Chop (Right Hand)/Left Hook/Right Cross

Gun from the Behind (touching)

Gun from the side, in front of the Arm

Advanced Gun- from the side or behind, assailant using off hand


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