Lesson Plans Thursday, March 10, 2015


Straight Punches (light work)

Ground – Pack Position

Ground – Front Kick

Ground – Get Up

Drill: fast moving drill; students start down; on command, they kick and get up fast and make non-stop straight punches on pad; on command, they drop down again (no fall breaks), ready for the next round; multiple rounds, fast pace, make them tired!

Choke from Front (2 handed pluck)

Drill: Defender starts with their eyes closed; non-stop straight punches on the pad when shoved OR defend Choke from Front



Focus Mitt Work – 5 rounds, 1 minute, non-stop combinations

Drill: Disturbing Drill — defender covers and absorbs while partner hits with focus mitts: on command, the defender makes Left/Right combination, then immediately covers as the partner hits with focus mitts again.

Hair Grab from the Side pending Knee

Hair Grab form Behind

Drill: disturbing drill as above, but use groups of 3 and include Hair Grab from the side and Hair Grab from Behind




Slow Fighting – no gloves, light strikes with open hands, light contact

Stick Overhead – defense v. off angle (dead side)

Practice this also against an attacker making a downward swing with two hands or an attacker swinging downward with the right hand, but from the left side of the attacker’s body

Drill: groups of 4; defender fights with one attacker using open hands; second attacker picks up stick to attack; fourth person calls out warning, and the defender must break off and defend the stick.

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