Lesson Plans Thursday, June 27, 2013

Beginner (B3)
Left Right Combination
Round Kick
Knees (Regular and Round)
Drill: Introduce Muay Thai Pads
— Round 1- Pad holder- Calls out straight punch combinations- 1-4 (straight punches)
— Round 2- Straight punch combinations plus Round kicks & Knee strikes
Wrist Releases
Inside Defense
Choke from Behind with a push
Drill: Defender, yes closed; attacker gives a verbal signal and makes a straight punch or makes choke from behind with a push

Intermediate (B3)
Side Kick (with and without advance)
Combo: Side Kick, side Hammer fist followed by knee strikes
Outside defense v. Right Punch
Hair Grab Behind
Bearhug Behind Lifting
Drill: Focus Mitts
Defender combo #5; attacker make a Hair Grab from behind OR Bearhug Lifting
Ground- Strike from Full Mount
Ground- side mount to full mount

Advanced (B3)
3 Round Drill
Ax Kick
Combo: Front Kick Groin (Back Leg) followed by an Ax Kick (Forward Leg)
General Defense v. Medium to high Kicks
Hip Throw
stick- overhead defense
Headlock from the side, spinning inward
Drill: Groups of 3, one large shield
Defender non stop knee strikes; attacker gives a verbal signal and makes an overhead defense OR Headlock from the side, spinning inward

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