Lesson Plans Thursday, June 11, 2015


Straight Punches

Advancing Straight Punch

Footwork: practice moving back, then forward explosively

Combo: Left/Right/move back/Advancing Right Punch

Inside Defense

360 (1-3 only)

Drill: attacker makes right straight punch OR 360

Drill: attacker makes left straight punch OR 360

Drill: left or right, straight or 360



Focus Mitts: 3 rounds of 2 minutes

Ground – Scissor Sweep from Guard

Ground – Strike from Full Mount (maintain balance and posture)

Ground – Dismount from Full Mount

Drill in groups of 3: Partner A is in guard of Partner B; Partner B sweeps from guard; strike from guard; dismount, then get up and make slow fighting with Partner C; clinch and take Partner C down; Partner C then repeats, gets up, and spars Partner A, etc. repeat for several rounds. One person will always be resting for a short time



Focus Mitts – practice pre-emptive strike: from a modified fighting stance (de-escalation): right hook/left hook/right straight

Simple Takedown

Side Control and Striking

Combo: from a modified fighting stance (de-escalating) — right hook/simple takedown/side control

Drill: this drill is meant to practice decision-making. Should you take the opponent down or not? Start with eyes closed; the defender is approached by the pad holder and possibly a second assailant; pad hold pushes defender’s chest; defender opens his eyes and makes a right hook; if the pad holder is alone, it’s OK to make the takedown; if there are other opponents, the defender should finish the punch combination.

Note: if the defender takes the pad holder down and there are multiple opponents, the other opponents should attack the defender; defender must then deal with the second attacker.

(If there is time…)

Ground Sparring – 2 minute rounds



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