Lesson Plans Thursday, July 26, 2012

Straight Punches – practice from passive stance, punching and slight angles as though the threat is not directly in front of you.
Hammerfist Downward – practice from knees, as though in a ground fight
Elbow #7 — from your back, as though someone is on top, in your guard
Ground – Front Kick
Combination — Elbow #7, shift away to make space, then make Front Kick from the Ground
Choke from the Side

Thai pads 3 minute round: 1st minute Left/Right Combo; 2nd minute Right Round Kick; 3rd Minute Left Round Kick
Ground Headlock Forward
Ground Headlock Backward

After warming up combatives:
Interference Drill
Gun Front – with packages in hands
Gun Front – left handed gunman (regular technique or 2-hand technique)
Gun – Attacker pulling back on gun

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