Lesson Plans Thursday, July 25, 2013

Beginner (A1)
Palmheel strikes
Knees (Regular and Round)
Drill: 2ppl/1 Large Shield
Pad Holder and Striker start on one side of the room. Striker; L/R Palm heel strikes, Right Elbow followed by 2 Knee strikes. On Instructors signal, striker sprints to the opposite end of the room, 5 Jump Squats and sprints back. Continue until Instructor calls time.
Choke from Side
Choke from the Front (2 handed)
Ground- Back Position
Ground- Getting up
Drill: Pad Holder; Stands any where in the room. Striker; starts on their stomach, on Instructors signal, executes 3 push ups, rolls over to their Back Position, Gets up, finds the pad holder and delivers non stop knees until time is called. Reset!

Intermediate (C1)
Hook Punch
Thai Pads:
Round 1- Combo A- Jab, Cross, Switch Round, R-Cross, R-Elbow
Round 2- Combo B- L-Uppercut, R-Cross, Left Hook, Right Round Kick
Round 3- Put Combo A & B together
360 with Counters
HeadLock from the side
Drill: Thai Pads
Basic combinations and kicks, Attacker; Make headlock from side

Advanced (C1)
Thai Pads: 2 Minutes
Round 1- Combo- Jab, Cross, Hook, Cross, 2 Round Kicks Left, 2 Round Kicks Right, 2 Knees Left, 2 Knees Right, Sprawl, 2 Sit throughs.
Round 2- POWER Shots- Pad holder calls out Single techniques- Either Jab, Cross, Hooks, Uppercuts and Body shots. Striker; Doubles up on the technique called, making it STRONG and POWERFUL.
Ax Kick
Knife- defense v. forward slash
Knife- defense v. straight stab
Dril: Defender; Eyes Closed, Various Knife attacks

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