Lesson Plans Thursday, July 20, 2017


Front kick vert target

Groin kick

Drill: partner moves around with large pad, holds for front kick vertical target or groin kick

Ground position (back) and movement

Ground: getting up

Ground : front kick

Ground: round kick

Drill: movement, kick, get up, give front kick vert target

Intermediate Class (C1)

Focus Mitts: Opposite Stance- Hooks and uppercuts

Drill: groups of 3; make the appropriate hook or uppercut while third person holds up a hand; striker must call out the hand motion.

Ground- Headlock from side Forward

Ground- Headlock from side Backward

Drill: defend either headlock from ground, get up and attack the pad with non-stop strikes until pad holder calls time. Reset!

Advanced (C1)

Focus Mitts-Opposite Stance- 3 Rounds of 2 minutes- non-stop combinations (Zero Down Time bet. Combos), 30 seconds rest bet. Rounds.

Knife on the Ground – full mount, downward stab

Gun on the Ground – full mount, trap and roll

Drill: eyes closed, open on command, react to gun or knife

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