Lesson Plans Thursday, July 10, 2014

Left/Right Combination
Front Kick (Groin)
Round (kick)
3 Round Drill
Choke from behind
Drill: defender; non-stop straight punches on a pad, attacker; Choke from behind
Hook Punch
Combo- L-Uppercutt/L-Hook/R-Cross/under/R-Cross/L-Hook/R-Cross
Ground Forward Roll
Drill: Work todays combo on focus mitts; pad holder calls out a number of Forward rolls, i.e.)1, 2, 3…
on pad holders signal, striker makes the number of rolls called, gets up and continues working the pads
Headlock from the side
Drill: Work today’s combo on focus mitts, attacker; makes Headlock from the side, defender; aggressive defense and continues to work mitts
Thai Pads – opposite stance- 2-3 minute rounds, combinations, kicks, knees & elbows add- sprawl knee tucks to the last 2 rounds.
Cavaliers 1-4
Gun from the Front
Advanced Gun- from the front assailant pushing, slapping, kicking
Advanced Gun- from the front assailant using off hand
Drill: Groups of 3-4, non-stop Gun threats; 2 rounds- first round 50% speed and power, second round- Fast, Strong and aggressive!!

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