Lesson Plans Thursday, January 30, 2014

Beginner (A1)
Punches- Straight
Front Kick Vertical Target
Choke from Behind
Ground- Front Kick
Ground- Getting Up
Drill: Groups of 3; defender starts on the ground, Combo: Kick, get up, Front kick vertical target followed by non-stop strikes, attacker- choke from behind. Repeat.

Intermediate (A1)
Headbutt Forward
Front Kick with Advance
Combination: Front Kick with Advance, L/R Palm Heel Strike, Headbutt Forward
Bearhug Front Arms Caught
Bearhug Front Arms Free (Space)
Drill: Groups of 2, Small pad; Defender; eyes closed, attacker; Makes either Bearhug from Front (Arms Caught/Arms Free), or gives a verbal signal, and holds for the above combination.

Advance (A1)
Mouth of Hand Punch
Axe Kick
Focus Mitts- 3-2 Minute Rounds;
Round 1- Basic Combinations- include: Axe Kick, and Mouth of Hand Punch.
Round 2- Add Sprawls
Round 3- After every sprawl switch fighting stance.
Gun from Front
Gun from Behind (touching)
Drill: Groups of 3, Focus Mitts; Pad holder calls out combinations, attacker, Gun from Front & Behind, defender, fast, aggressive defense, and back to working the Mitts.

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