Lesson Plans Thursday, January 28, 2015


Palm Heel Strike

Drill: Sprint- Push up drill

Palm Heel Strike combo: Left/Left/Right/Left/Right

Hammerfist to the side

Choke from Behind

Drill: groups of 4; monkey in the middle with two pad holders; defender makes hammerfists and Palm Heel strikes; now and then, the fourth person does Choke from Behind.



Combo #6 (Left Hook/Right Cross/Left Hook) – emphasize bursting in on first hook

Headbutt Forward

Headbutt Side

Headlock from the Side (include headbutts in counters)

Bearhug from the Front, Arms caught (include headbutts in counters)

Drill: eyes closed, Bearhug Front or Headlock Side




Round Kick

Jumping Round Kick

Scissor Round Kick

Knife Downward Stab

Knife Threat

Drill: eyes closed, open on command, recognize Downward Stab v. Knife Threat

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