Lesson Plans Thursday, January 24, 2013

DRILL: defender’s eyes are closed; attacker shoves the defender, then makes an attack with 360, left or right hand. The defender makes 360 and counters
Front Kick Vertical Target
Drill: defender’s eyes are closed; attacker gives a verbal signal, sometimes from far away, sometimes close, then makes a 360 attack; the defender must decide whether to make 360 defense (if close) or Front Kick Vertical Target (if farther away)
Choke From The Front (2 hands)

Uppercut Punch
Drill – different ranges of uppercut; very close, medium, and farther away
Combination: Left Uppercut/Left Hook
Combination: Right Uppercut/Right Straight
Choke Front (1 hand) — variation using uppercut instead of palm heel strike
Ground – Choke from the Side

Thai Pads – 5 rounds of 1 minute with 20 second rest; these rounds should be ALL OUT with no rest; do as many combinations as possible during the 1 minute
Absorbing: body shots, both attack both defend, with gloves on
Gun From The Front

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