Lesson Plans, Thursday, January 23, 2020

Beginner: (A1)
Elbows 1-3
Straight and round knees
360 defense
Drill: Defender starts eyes closed. Attacker bumps with kick shield for elbows 1-3, followed by knees until “time” is called, or alerts the defender and attacks for 360s.

Intermediate (A1):
Review low and mid-level round kicks
Uppercut punch
Defense vs. low round kick (absorbing and shin block)
Thai pad combos – round 1: boxing combos with uppercuts; round 2-3: pad holder can throw low round kicks. Striker defends and returns with 2 straight punches to Thai pads.
Review inside and 360 defenses
Body sparring – boxing only

Advanced (A1):
Review L1-3 attacks from behind (rear headlock, choke, choke with pull, bearhug, etc.)
Review elbow #1 with advance: pad holder stands at points on a circle around striker, says “go,” and striker turns and moves towards pad.
Gun from behind (touching)
Drill: gun with non-compliant attacker. Once the defender starts the defense, the attacker can either pull the gun away early, fight the defender once they establish control, or fall to the ground (as if knocked out) once the counter lands. The fight “may” continue on the ground.

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