Lesson Plans Thursday, January 15, 2015


Palm Heel Strike – single strikes to loosen up

Palm Heel Strike – more aggressive single strikes for power

Palm Heel Strike – flurries

Drill: flurries of Palm Heel Strikes on partner’s command


Drill: Knees driving partner across the room

Choke from Behind

Drill: Groups of 3, large kicking shield; defender; 4 Palm Heel Strikes followed by non-stop Knees, attacker; makes Choke from Behind



Hook Punch

Headbutt Forward

Combination: Jab/Cross/Hook/Headbutt

Drill: Focus Mitts- Basic combinations, headbutt after every hook strike.

Headlock from the Side

Bearhug Arms Free Space

Drill: Groups of 3, Focus Mitts- work combinations on mitts; attacker makes either a Headlock from the Side OR Bearhug from Behind. Defender; makes the appropriate defense and continues working the mitts.



Thai Pads: 2 rounds of three minutes each

Basic Self Defense review (any techniques, but you should INCLUDE punch and kick defenses)

Gun from Behind

Gun from the side, Behind the Arm

Drill: eyes closed, any attack, gun, self defense, punch, or kick


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