Lesson Plans Thursday, January 10, 2013

Palm Strikes
Kick Vertical Target – after the basic lesson, practice giving the kick to slight angles on either side.
Combo: Front Kick Vertical Target/Knee (same leg)
Choke Front (2 handed) — experienced students should practice the defense against an attacker whose elbows are bent. The elbows can be bent downwards or to the side.

After Warm up, review all Level 1 and 2 self defense quickly
Focus Mitts: Left/Right
Headbutt Forward
Combo: Left/Right/Headbutt
Drill: eyes closed, any self defense from Level 1 or 2 — try to include headbutts in counterattacks BUT ONLY WHEN POSSIBLE (learn when to give a headbutt)
Sparring: slow fighting, hands only; less experienced students should make straight punches only; more experienced students should fight from an opposite stance.

Thai Pads: combos 1-4; HOWEVER, before the kick, the striker should pivot to the side. For example, for combination #1, the striker makes a left jab, then steps to the left and pivots, then makes a right round kick.
Jumping Round Kick
Gun from the Side, in Front of the Arm

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