Lesson Plans Thursday, December 20, 2012


Ground – Back Position

Ground – Front Kick

Ground – Round Kick – focus on recovering from round kick into back position

Ground – Getting up

Drill: pad holder (standing) moves around, then moves in to give target; defender (on the ground), gives a kick, then gets up; SOMETIMES the attacker stays away, SOMETIMES the attacker moves in, and the defender must continue with punches, knees, etc.



Uppercut Punch

Focus Mitts: Right Uppercut/Left Hook – learn to burst in on uppercut

Focus Mitts: Left Uppercut/Right Cross – learn to burst in on uppercut

Defense v. Front Kick (redirect)

Defense v. Front Kick (stopping)

Drill: attacker throws straight punches, hook punches, and sometimes kick to groin; slow speed unless the group is more experienced.



Stick – overhead review

Stick – dead side

Stick – attacker is directly in front, but makes a very straight stick attack; defender must decide to defend regular or dead side


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