Lesson Plans Thursday, December 19, 2013

Beginner (B3)


Hammerfist- Downward



Round 1- 30 Sec- Non-Stop Punches- 15 sec Rest

Round 2- 30 Sec- Non-Stop Punches, 30- Non-Stop Downward Hammerfist- 15 Sec Rest

Round 3- 30 Sec- Non-Stop Punches, 30- Non-Stop Downward Hammerfist, 30 Sec Non-Stop Knees- Rest. Switch.

Wrist Releases

Choke from the Side

Choke from behind with a push

Intermediate (D3)

Side Kick

Combo: Side Kick/Knee

Drill: Groups of 3; 1 Small shield, 1 Kicking shield, Striker; non-stop punches on small shield, 2nd pad holder; walks towards striker from either side and gives a verbal signal, striker; on signal executes side kick/knee combo and get backs to working the small pad.

Choke Front with a push

Choke Front Against Wall

Drill: Defender; stands slightly away from the wall with their eyes closed, attacker makes a choke with a push, defender is either early and is able to defend using Rotational defense or is late and has to defend the choke against the wall.

Ground- Arm lock from the side

Intermediate (D3) 

Drill: 30/60/90

Round 1- 30 Sec- Non-stop- Punches

15 Sec Rest

Round 2- 60 Sec- Thai Clinch- Non-stop Knees-

15 Sec Rest

Round 3- 90 Sec- Striker starts with punches, on instructors signal “Sprawl”, defender sprawls, gets up and changes to Knee strikes.  Switch strikes after every sprawl.

General Def. v. Med to High Kicks

Sliding Defense v. High Round Kicks

Full Nelson- Finger Strip

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