Lesson Plans Thursday, December 13, 2018


Palm Strikes

Hammerfist to the Side

Drill: Monkey in the Middle — groups of 3; person in the middle makes Palm Strikes to a target until pushed from either side; when pushed, the person in the middle makes Hammerfist to the Side, then continues with Palm Strikes, etc. Do TWO rounds in a row, minimum 45 seconds; give the person 30 seconds to rest.

Choke from the Side


Attack/Defend Drill (gloves on): partner makes any basic combination 1-4; defender makes the defenses and counters with cross/hook or hook/cross

Spinning Back Kick

Drill: light sparring, incorporate Spinning Back Kick

Ground – Elbow Escape


Thai Pads – 3 rounds of 3 minutes; include Front Kick Vertical Target (keep)

Jumping Spinning Back Kick

Long Gun from the Front, Live and Dead Side

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