Lesson Plans Thursday, December 12, 2013

Beginner (B3) 

Punches- Straight Punch

Introduce Focus Mitts- 3-2 min Rounds; Pad Holder calls out number of punches (2, 4, 6 etc…) all straight punches; second round- add sprawls, Third round- add sprawl + 2 Push ups

Straight Punch Low

Inside Defense

Inside Defense v. Straight Punch Low

Drill: Groups of 2; half speed; Inside defense & Inside defense v. Low Punch; Round 2; defender eyes closed, attacker makes either a straight punch high or Low, defender; makes the appropriate defense

Choke from the side


Intermediate (D3)

3 Round Drill

Basic Takedown Defense/Spin on center line

Drill: Groups of 3, 1 large shield; Striker delivers 2 knee strikes at a time, stays engages and maintains control of the pad holder at all times, attacker  tries to flank the striker, striker spins on the center line to keep pad holder between him/herself and the attacker.

Choke Front Agains Wall

Hair Grab Front

Drill: Defender; against the wall, eyes closed, attacker; makes Hair Grab Front or Choke Front Against Wall

Ground- Elbow Escape


Advanced (D3)

Muay Thai Pads- 3-3 Minute Rounds

Round 1- Basic Combinations, Kicks, elbows, Knees

Round 2- add Sprawls and Knee tucks

Round 3- add- on signal, striker must sprint to the other end of the room/mat and back.

Jumping Spinning Back Kick

General Defense v. Med to High Kicks

Gun from the Front

Gun- from Behind at a distance


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