Lesson Plans Thursday, August 29, 2019


After warm up, shadow boxing with light straight punches; emphasize footwork, moving forward and backward, also step-and-pivot

Straight Punches

Drill: partner holds pad; striker makes straight punches to drive pad holder backward across the room

Round Kick

Combos 1 and 2 with Round Kick

Headlock from Behind



Review High Round Kick

Defense v. High Round Kick (2 or 3 points of contact)

Outside Slap Kick

Drill: defend outside slap kick like a round kick

Reverse Headlock Standing



Two knees with a switch

Thai Pads: Combos 1-4 ending with two knees with a switch

Knife – Upward Stab

Knife – Straight Stab

Drill: defend straight stab; if attacker recoils downward, transition to Upward Stab defense as you burst in

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