Lesson Plans Thursday, August 29, 2013

Advancing Straight Punch
Inside Defense v. Straight Punch
Zombie Drill
Zombie Drill with VERY SLOW straight punches

Bearhug from the Front review
Bearhug from Behind review
Zombie Drill
Zombie Drill with Aggressive Attackers and Bearhugs (the attackers should work hard to get the defender into the middle; once the defender is there, someone should make Bearhug from the Front or Bearhug from Behind; the defender must defend and move out of the middle

General Striking to Pad (punches, elbows, headbutts, knees, kicks)
Drill: groups of 3; the defender strikes one pad; when the second pad holder hits him, he turns to strike that pad;
Drill for Awareness: groups of 3; the defender strikes one pad AND ALSO turns to use the pad holder as a shield so the second person cannot touch him.
Knife Upward Stab
Zombie Drill with light punches
Drill: zombie drill with light punches PLUS one attacker with knife

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