Lesson Plans Thursday, August 28, 2014

Beginner Class (A2)

Palm Heel Strike

Drill: Pad holder at one end of the room; striker throwing light Palm Heel strike for technique; at the instructor’s command, striker sprints to the other end of the room, drops and does 5 push ups, then sprints back and makes palm heel strikes at full speed! On instructor’s signal, striker returns to slow work; do about 3 rounds per person.

Elbow Strike 4-7

Choke from Behind with a Push

Headlock from Behind


Intermediate Class (C2)

Warm up with basic strikes on pad (punches, hammerfits, palm heel strike, elbow etc..), after warm up, 40 seconds non-stop strikes with a 15 second break; 3 rounds

Defensive Front Kick

–       follow up with combatives

Bearhug from behind, Arms Free

Bearhug from behind, Arms Caught

Drill: eyes closed, either verbal signal or grab; Defensive Front Kick, Punches or the appropriate bearhug


Advanced Class (C2)

Basic Combatives to a kicking shield, include side kicks and back kicks

Drill: eyes closed; hit with pad, deliver initial combative to appropriate angle, and continue with strikes.

2 Front Kicks with a Switch

Gun from the Front 2 Handed technique

Long Gun from the Front- dead side

Knife- off angle downward stab (live & dead side)

Drill: eyes closed, any of these attacks!



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