Lesson Plans Thursday, April 4, 2013

Beginner (B1)
Straight punch Advance
Straight punch Retreat
Drill: 2ppl/1 Punching Shield
-Striker- Eyes Closed
-Pad Holder- Either get close to or stay at a distance from the striker..
-Give a Verbal Cue
-Striker- Depending on where the pad holder is determine to Advance or Retreat with a punch..
Choke from the front (Quick Review)
Choke from the front with a push
Drill: 2 Groups A/B
As-Are defending
Bs- Are attacking
As- Eyes closed
Bs- Move around the room and attack A’s with Either Choke from the Front or Choke From the front with a push
As- Make a strong and aggressive defense. Reset!
*** A/B Switch Roles

Intermediate (B1)
Focus Mitts- L/R combo
-L/R slip to the Right, followed by Right Punch
Headbutt Forward
Combo- L/R, slip, Right Cross followed by Headbutt forward
Back Kick
Choke From Behind (Quick Review)
Choke from behind with a Pull
Drill: 3ppl/ 1 Defender/ 1 Pad Holder/1 Attacker
-Defender- Non- Stop strong and aggressive strikes on the pad. (be sure to incorporate Headbutts in your strikes)
– Attacker- At any given time attack with either regular Choke from Behind, Choke from behind with a pull or grab a kicking shield and approach defender from behind. Give a verbal Cue..
– Defender- Make the appropriate self defense or execute a back kick on attackers cue.

Advanced (B1)
Thai Pads-Basic Combo and kicks
– Add sprawls- After every sprawl switch fighting stance
Jump Spinning Back Kick
Combo- 2ppl/1 Kicking Shield
– L/Punch, step back Side Kick followed by a Jump Spinning Back Kick
Gun To the side of the Head
Long Gun Dead side
Ground- Triangle From the Guard

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