Lesson Plans Thursday, April 23, 2015

Beginner (B1)
Palm Heel Strikes
Drill: Groups of 2 (partners should be about same size and hight), Small shield; Non stop Palm Heel Strikes, on instructors signal “GO”, striker Fireman or Piggy back carries pad holder to the opposite end of the room and back, and continues with strikes.
Choke from the Front (1-handed)
Choke from the Front with a Push
Choke from the Back with a Push
Drill: Groups of 4-5; 90 seconds, One defender, non stop attacks.
Intermediate (B1)
A/B Drill
Headbutt Forward
Combination: L/R combination, Right Elbow, Forward Headbutt
Back Kick
Drill: Groups of 3; Striker works the above combination, 2nd pad holder walks towards the striker form behind and gives a verbal signal, striker; executes a back kick and continues working the pad.
Choke Front Against the wall
Advanced (B1)
Warm up with general combatives, including side kicks and back kicks
Drill: Interference Drill- 3 rounds! Alternate each person in groups of 3.
Gun from the side, Behind the Arm
Gum from the side of the Head
Ground: Def. v. Guillotine

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