Lesson Plans Thursday, April 20, 2017

Beginner Class (B1)

Hammer Fist Strikes-Forward

Drill: Tabatta Strikes

4 Rounds of :20 sec. non-stop Hammerfist Strikes, :10 sec. active recovery (Slow strikes during the 10 sec)

Defensive Front Kick

Choke from the Front with a Push

Ground- Getting Up

Drill: Groups of 2; 1 kicking Shield

Striker-Ground Back Position

Pad Holder- advance towards striker (not too fast)

Striker- Proper Get Up, once the pad holder is in kicking range, execute a Defensive front kick followed by counter attacks until pad holders calls “Time”

Intermediate (B1)

Drill: Pyramid

2pp/1 punching shield

30 sec- Non-stop strikes (punches, hammerfist, elbow, etc..)

20 sec- Rest

45 sec- Non-stop Front Kicks-Groin

20 sec-Rest

60 sec- Clinch Position- Non-stop Knee strikes

20 sec-Rest

90 sec- Mix it up!!

Choke from Behind with a pull

Ground- Defense v. Head Lock Full Mount

Drill: Groups of 3;

Defender-On their Back

Attacker- Head Lock from Full mount

Defender makes the appropriate defense, quickly gets up, advances towards pad with non-stop counter attacks. Attacker; once again attacks defender, this time with Choke from Behind with a pull.

Advance (B1)

A/B Drill w/sprawls:

(Please see video)

** Do 3 Sprawls before sprinting to the other pad.

Focus Mitts:

– Combo # 6 (Cross/Hook/Cross)

– Combo # 7 (Hook/Cross/Hook)

– Jab/Over Hand

Full Nelson- Sweep

Full Nelson- Throw

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