Lesson Plans Thursday, April 18, 2013

Straight L&R punches
Palm Heal Strikes
Straight Punch Low
Round Kicks
Drill: 2 ppl/1 punching Shield
5 Rounds
-L&R Palm Heel Strike/R-Elbow combination 10x
-10 Push Ups
-5 Round Kick Right Leg
-5 Round Kick Left Leg
-10 Assisted Deck Squats
Elbow strike 4-7
Choke from Front (2 Handed)
Choke from Front (1 Handed)
Drill: 2-3 Lines (5 or more ppl on line) *** adjust according to class size
– 1 Defender, everyone else on line is attacking
-Attack one after the other- Choke from front (non-stop)
-Defender- strong and aggressive defense!
-keep the line moving quickly and rotate defenders

Focus Mitts
-R- Uppercut, L-Hook
-R-Uppercut, L-Hook, R-Straight
-L-Uppercut, R-Straight
-L-Uppercut, R-Straight, L-Hook
-Put it all together
Side Kick (with and without Advance)
Drill: 3 Lines- 3 pads
-Advancing side kick and move to a different line
-Pad holders stand your ground and don’t allow the strikers move you!
**Be sure to alternate pad holders during this drill , so everyone gets a chance to kick..
Choke from Behind with a pull
Ground: Elbow to Knee escape
Drill: 3ppl, 1 attacker, I defender, 1 pad Holder
– Defender- on their back
-Attacker- Full Mount
-Defender- Elbow to knee escape or just gain a better position, get up, run to the pad, non stop fast and aggressive strikes
-Attacker- Choke from behind with a pull
-After a successful defense, reset!

Focus Mitts- South Paw
-L- Uppercut, R-Hook
-L-Uppercut, R-Hook, L-Straight
-R-Uppercut, L-Straight
-R-Uppercut, L-Straight, R-Hook
-Put it all together
Drill: 2ppl/1 Kicking Shield
3 Rounds
Front Kick, Round Kick, Knee strike
5x Right leg
5x Left Leg
10 Burpees
Long Gun from the Front Live Side
Long Gun from the Front Dead side

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