Lesson Plans Thursday, April 11, 2013

Beginner (B1)

Palm Heel Strikes

Straight Punch Low

Front Kicks to the Groin

Defense v. Straight Punch Low

Head Lock from the side

Drill- 4 ppl/1 punching shield/1kicking shield

– 1 Defender/2 Pad Holders/1 Attacker

– Defender- Is in the middle

– Pad Holders- bump defender and hold for either Palm Heel strikes or Front kick to the Groin

– Attacker- Head Lock from the side

– Attacks are non-stop!

– Defender- Make the appropriate defense (Fast and Aggressive)

Ground-Back Position

Intermediate (B1)

Focus Mitts-

Left Hook

Defense v. Hook (covering)

Slipping (Quick Review)

Combo: Jab, Cross, Hook, Cross

– Add, Slip to the right/ Counter Cross, Hook

-Add, cover v. Left Hook (Right side), hook, cross

Defense against Low Round kick (using Shin)

Defense against Round Kick (Absorbing)

Light Sparring Drill: Working on Movement & Recognition!

1 Striker/1 Defender

Nice and easy-move around, straight punches, Hooks and Round Kicks.

Defender- Working on:

– footwork- moving off angle, forward, back & side to side

-Recognition- Bobbing and Weaving, covering v. Hooks, slipping and Defense against Low Round Kicks.. No counters yet!

– Switch Roles

After both sides have had a turn-

*** Switch Roles again and add counters. (Nice and Easy)

Choke from Behind with a pull

Advanced (B1)

Front Kick to a Vertical Target

Back Kick

Drill- 3ppl/2 Kicking shields

1 Striker/2 Pad Holders

Striker- in the middle with one pad holder in front and one behind

– Front Kick followed by Back Kick

Dry Work-Back kick with a simultaneous straight punch.

*** Back with original Groups- 3ppl/2pads..

– Back Kick & Straight punch on pads

Gun From the Front

Gun From the Front 2 handed Technique

Drill: 2ppl/ 1 defender/1 attacker

– Defender-hands occupied

(ie: hands in pocket, holding a gym bag or pads)

– Attacker- Attack with Gun from the front

Ground- Guillotine

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