Lesson Plans Saturday, February 18, 2012

Palm Strikes
Elbows 1-3
Hammerfist to the Side
Drill: eyes closed, pad holder gives a light push with the pad from either side; the defender must open his eyes and recognize the distance, then give the appropriate strike (hammerfist or elbow) for that distance
Choke From Behind – practice defending with a step backward to either side
Drill: attacker makes choke from behind, but stands slightly to one side or the other; the defender must recognize this, and make the defend to the appropriate side for maximum effect.

Uppercut Punches
Defense v. Uppercut Punch
Basic Takedown Defense
Drill: apply uppercuts in the clinch after Basic Takedown Defense
Reverse Headlock — work the opposite side we normally work
Drill: partner #1 makes a basic grab or clinch; partner #2 makes a Basic Takedown Defense; partner #1 drops in low to grab the body; partner #2 makes a reverse headlock; partner #1 makes Defense v. Reverse Headlock

General Striking to large kicking shield; emphasize side kicks and back kicks as well as basic strikes
Drill: groups of 3; two pad holders, one defender; the defender must attack one target; when he is hit by another pad, he must transition to that pad immediately; the padholders should strike from behind and the sides FROM VARIOUS DISTANCES, so that the defender must choose the appropriate weapon (side kick,back kick,etc.) before continuing with additional counters.
Sweeps – forward and back
Knife – Downward Stab from the dead side

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