Lesson Plans Saturday, February 11, 2012

Stance and Movement
Straight Punch review
Basic Takedown Defense
Drill: partner holds pad and moves; on command, striker punches or makes Basic Takedown Defense as partner advances.
Front Kick (groin)- emphasis on kicking from a neutral stance
Drill: the striker stands in a passive stance; pad holder walks in a semi circle in front of them; when they put the pad down, the striker kicks; some of the positions should be slightly off center, so the striker kicks at various angles.
Choke From The Front (2 hands)

2 rounds of basic focus mitt work (include uppercuts)
360 Defense with Counterattack
Drill: make 369 with counterattacks and follow up; make different counterattacks each time!
Defense v. Uppercut
Drill: defend uppercuts and 360; when an uppercut comes, defend only; when 360 comes, defend and counterattack.
Reverse Headlock

Hammerfist into straight punch combinations
Spinning Heel Kick
Drill: with focus mitts, make basic punch combinations, then partner calls for spinning heel kick
Gun to the Side, in Front of Arm
Drill: threat from the side; if there is a gun, make the gun defense; if no gun, attack with chops or Hammerfist followed by additional counters.

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