Lesson Plans Monday, September 28, 2015


Straight Punches


Drill: non-stop striking with punches or knees on pad holder’s command

Basic Takedown Defense

Muay Thai Clinch

Drill – work those two positions, including elbows and knees when possible

Choke from Behind

Drill: one group eyes closed, different attackers walk around and make Choke From Behind.



Focus Mitts: 1 minute each of the following combinations:

– Combo #3

– Combo #6

– Combo #7

– 4 Straight Punches leading with Left

360 with Counterattack

Outside Defense with Counter v. Right Punch

Defense v. Low Round Kick (shin block)

Defense v. Low Front Kick (redirecting)

Drill: Defend either low kick OR right haymaker. For right punch, use either defend we worked on today.


Cavaliers 1-4

Inside Defense v. Left/Right – Lean Back and Trap (review)

Drill: add cavalier after the Lean Back and Trap, just for the fun of it!

Hip Throw

360 Defense w/counter (review)

Defend Right Haymaker with 360 and counter, then make a Hip Throw

Drill: attacker makes Left/Right OR Right Haymaker and defender responds with techniques above; sometimes attacker resists and the Cavalier or the Hip Throw fails. If the cavalier fails, the defender reacts with right hammer fist, punches, etc; if the Hip Throw fails, the defender turns back quickly and clinches, gives knees etc.



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