Lesson Plans Monday, September 24, 2018


Straight Punches: Left/Right/Right and Left/Left/Right


Advanced Technique: Gun from Behind



Thai Pads: practice round kicks only, work on technique

Thai Pads: 3 rounds of 2 minutes

Inside Defense (review)

Outside Defenses 1-5

Drill: groups of 4; one person in the middle.  The other three can make straight punches from any angle; defender must defend using inside and outside defenses, make counterattacks, then return to the middle


Focus Mitts: 2 rounds of 3 minutes

Clinch Work — Start in classic KM “framing position” for knees; from there, attacker tries to pass the control; both partners try to get better positions using the “50/50” position, Muay Thai plum, and under hooks, etc. Include light strikes.  Do 6 rounds of :30 seconds

Face-to-Face Throw

Hip Escape from Side Control — after training the technique, have the attacker include palm heel strikes to simulate a fight.

Drill: from clinch, one person makes face-to-face throw and gets to Side Control; other person defends punches and uses Hip Escape

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