Lesson Plans Monday, September 16, 2013

Straight Punches
Drill: 4 Straight Punches moving forward
Front Kick Groin
Drill: 4 Straight Punches moving forward/Right Groin Kick
Choke from Behind
Drill: make choke from behind defense while holding “packages” (pads)

Hook Punch – work different ranges, from very close to far away; NOTE – for the long hook punch, the pad holder should turn the pad forward more, to protect the striker’s wrist.
Hook Punch: practice Right Hook in a “first punch” scenario; the pad holder should give aggressive language to show that he wants to escalate; the defender decides to make the first punch
Advanced Technique: Gun to the Side, In Front of the Arm

Light Sparring: 3 rounds of 2 minutes
Gun to the side, in Front of Arm
Knife attacks from the Side – live side and dead side

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