Lesson Plans Monday, October 3, 2016


Review straight punches, groin kicks, and knees

Drill: Tabata striking (2o seconds of striking, 10 seconds of rest) for 5 rounds

Headlock from Behind

Choke from Behind with a Push

Drill: either of those attacks from behind



Focus Mitts: combos 1-9

Ground – Get Up (review)

Fall Break

Drill: combos 1-9, when pad holder calls “down” the striker must make a Fall Break, get up properly, and continue striking. NOTE: make sure there is room for all participants to Fall Break safely

Choke from Behind with a Pull



Overhand Right Punch

Focus Mitts: Combo #10 (overhand right/left uppercut/overhand right)

Stick Overhead

Stick Overhead Off Angle

Drill: eyes closed, various angles of stick attacks (downward swing)

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