Lesson Plans Monday, October 16, 2017


Straight Punch with Advance

Inside Defenses

Ground – Back Position and Front Kick

Ground – Get Up

Drill: make inside defenses; when partner says “down,” sit down into Back Position, give a kick to the air, then get up and continue defending



Focus Mitts: 2 rounds of 2 minutes, emphasize footwork after the combination; have the pad holder walk forward so the striker must pivot off angle

Side Kick (with and without advance)

Drill: eyes closed; verbal signal from either side; deliver Side Kick then follow up with additional combatives

Choke from Behind with a Pull

Drill: eyes closed, Side Kick or Choke from Behind with a Pull



Overhand Right Punch

Combo #10: Overhand Right/Left Uppercut/Overhand Right

Leg Triangle from Guard

Defense v. Leg Triangle From Guard

Drill: good guy/bad guy sparring with good guy starting in guard; goal is either to submit or get up within 1 minute; light striking allowed; change roles every minute. 5 rounds each

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