Lesson Plans Monday, October 15, 2012

Straight Punches – focus on last part of punch; rotating fist, which activates the shoulder
Hammerfist Forward – same concept of rotation
Drill – flurries of strikes with Straight Punches and Hammerfist Forward
Front Kick Vertical Target
Drill: eyes closed; open on command; recognize distance and deliver Straight Punch or Front Kick Vertical Target; continue with additional strikes
Elbow Variation – elbow rising up and to the side
Choke from the Side

Focus Mitts – combinations 1-4
Def. v. Low Round Kick (shin block)
Def. v. Low Round Kick (absorbing)
Drill – back and forth, absorbing round kicks (do 45-60 seconds each leg)
Sparring: hands plus low round kicks

Round Kick
Jumping Round Kick
Scissor Round Kick
Knife Downward Stab
Knife Threat
Drill: eyes closed, open on command, recognize Downward Stab v. Knife Threat

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