Lesson Plans Monday, November 25, 2019


Straight Punches


Drill: striker makes straight punches at his own pace; on instructor command, control and give knees non-stop until the instructor says to continue with straight punches

Choke from Behind

Headlock from Behind

Drill: attacker makes either attack (the pace should appropriate for the level of the defender)



Inside Defense (review)

360 Defense (review)

360 Defense with Counterattacks

Drill: attacker makes straight punches and defender makes inside defense. Sometimes attacker makes a 360 attack; defender makes 360 Defense with Counterattack and then continues with more strikes.

Reverse Headlock – include the idea of making the initial defense; if attacker lets go, step back out of the headlock and give counterattacks

Drill: attacker makes reverse headlock; defender defends; attacker steps back, then attacks with 360; defender makes defense and counterattack



Outside Chop

Inside Defense Live Side – attacker makes a right straight punch from right side; defender uses right punch

Drill: attacker makes a right punch from right side, defender makes inside defense, then counters with outside chop and continues with counterattacks.

Straight Stab Live Side — use the same angles and drills as above

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