Lesson Plans Monday, November 18, 2013

Palm Strikes
Hammerfist to the Side
Drill: eyes closed, attacker pushes with a pad from the front or side; defender opens eyes and makes the appropriate strike, then continues with additional strikes
360 (include the idea of counterattacks; you do not need to make simultaneous counters at this level)
Drill: as above, but the attacker can also give a verbal signal and attack with any 360

Focus Mitt Combo: Left/Left/Right/Left Hook/duck right hook/Left Hook/Right Cross
Ground – Arm Bar
Ground – Defense v. Arm Bar (push leg over head and sit up)
Ground – Defense v. Arm Bar (packlock arms and spin out)

Drill: Defend Combos 1-4 — start with Combo #1, one person makes the attack and the other defends, then they switch roles.
Axe Kick
Chops (inside and outside)
Knife – Downward Stab (emphasize horizontal angles)
Knife – Off Angle (include chops in counterattacks)

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