Lesson Plans Monday, November 11, 2013 — HAPPY VETERAN’S DAY

Straight Punches
Drill: sprint/pushup/punch drill
Front Kick to the Groin
Choke from the Front (2 handed)

Thai Pads: Combo #6 (cross/hook/cross) with left round kick
Thai Pads: Combo #6 (cross/hook/cross) with left elbow
Forward Soft Fall Break
Forward Hard Fall Break
Drill – Belt Drill; for more advanced training, the belt holder will sometimes drop the belt down and pull the striker’s feet out from under him; the striker must make Forward Hard Fall Break, then get up and continue striking; the belt holder must safely wrap the belt around the striker’s waist and continue.
Ground – Headlock from the Side going forward
Ground – Headlock from the Side going backward
Drill: attacker resists, defender must go forward or back with headlock

Partner Carry
Drill: partner holds pad; striker makes 20 left/right combinations, then picks up pad holder and carries him across room; at other side of room, put the pad holder down and make 20 more left/right combinations, then carry the pad holder back.
Knife – attack from full mount
Drill: Barricade Drill – start on the ground; attacker takes full mount and attacks with knife; defender must defend, reverse the attacker, and get up, then break through a barricade; beyond the barricade, the defender must strike a pad for 30 seconds, then go BACK through the barricade

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